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San Francisco 49ers safety guard Eric - Reid (Eric Reid) in Tuesday's interview that he had suffered three concussions, which seriously affected his career development. Reid said: "Everyone will weigh their own situation, my own situation is also very specific understanding of this stage, I know I can continue to race.."

Although 3 degrees suffered a concussion, but Reid in the first two seasons of his career only missed one game. Rookie season's first nine games, he twice suffered a concussion. 23-year old security guard, said he will continue to go all out. Asked if the encounter 4th concussion, will retire when Reed's answer was helpless.

Reid said: "I did not set a specific number I will continue to assess their own situation if the next concussion emergence I think they can not continue the game, I'll retire the contrary, if I feel everything is still... well, I will continue the game. everything will be based on reality. "